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Golf is all about the numbers… but only for those who are serious about improving their games. For most of the rest of the tens of millions of us who play the game, it’s mostly about the fun and enjoyment that golf brings and much as we would love to be better, how serious are we about putting in the work to improve?

GDL has been designed for those who take it more seriously. We are not just for the elite golfer though, we have kids as young as 10 and a recently-retired gentleman in his late 60’s who reduced his handicap from 19 to 5 in 2 years who use our system. Generally though, “putting in the work” doesn’t just mean how often we practise but what we practise and what we focus on. This is where Measurement and Reflection becomes of crucial importance.

One of our coaches calls it “player-specific”, scheduling in the composition of practise time to include the area of the game which wasn’t as good as usual last out. Without having the data to KNOW where we are stronger or weaker, it’s not possible to “work smart”.

It’s not just for those whose income depends on their performances – as all of our professional clients do – but for anyone who is serious about improving their golf.

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