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Golf is a simple game. Golf is a difficult game. Both statements are true despite them seeming contradictory! As with most things, it depends on the context and the angle from which we look.

In terms of the objectives of each shot type and how best to measure golf, it should always be simple. We insisted on “customer-friendliness” in our programme-design, something our programmers called “maximum click economy” in producing a highly efficient data-capture function, either online or by using our App (which doesn’t need to be online, storing the shots on your smartphone and only uploading to your database once the round is completed and you are next on Wifi or 3G/4G etc.)

The “Circle of Golf” is three-fold;

In order to perform better and find greater consistency, we will have practised hard, practised smart and prepared well. After performing, we measure, reflect and learn what we did right, wrong or indifferent and this shapes the composition of our practise, how we prepare and what we tweak or change for the next time. It’s an on-going journey, the road to improvement and each step is taken one at a time.

With data captured from over 100 countries during a period spanning the last three decades, we know what is good, bad or average in each part of the game, at every level.

  • Professional Men
  • Professional Women
  • Elite Amateur Men
  • Elite Amateur Women & Girls
  • U18 National Boys
  • U16 Regional Boys
  • U16 Regional Girls

The PGA Tour data is our default for Putts Gained, the overall measure of putting efficiency

Following a database-mining examination of literally tens of millions of golf shots, we have produced these seven levels against which every golfer can benchmark their own games and compare all of their key scoring and performance data stats, by year, by month, by tournaments or even one round, by any way they wish to basically. Our coaching tables enable our coaches to examine the collective stats of their golfers at the same time, with unlimited analysis options through the player, date and course filters.

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What Our Clients Say


Dean Robertson

Performance Golf Coach - University of Stirling
European Tour winner

All of my students over the years have used GDL and still do. I’ve always said that "if we are not assessing, we’re guessing" and "what gets measured gets improved". This system - and Graeme - are an integral part of our team at Stirling and performance measurement has been a big part of our various successes.

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