Player performance measurement &
Golf Statistics Analysis Programmes

Golf is all
about the numbers

...the number on the scorecard being the most important. Our performance measurement platforms examines the composition of the scorecard, separates the shot types into their constituent parts, analyses their efficiencies and thereby identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each golfer, over one round, over a tournament and over time.

Golf is one shot at a time. We measure one shot type at a time.

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Strokes Gained in context

We have been resisting the calls for Strokes Gained for tee-to-green performance to be added to our database. This article explains why... with some…


A 12 year examination

It's not easy in this game to predict who is going to make it, when they will break through and if they even get to the starting line. Data might help but…


Poulter - Mental - Lament

Very interesting interview with Ian Poulter today.

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Graham Walker

England Golf Men Squad Lead Coach
Coach to PGA Tour and DP World Tour players

Stats and analysing data is fast becoming a MUST-HAVE for today’s players, whether you are a handicap golfer or a seasoned tour player. Invest in this quality stats programme. I’ve been using it for over 10 years.

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